Clarity, Coherence, Cohesion

At Creative Conservative Consulting (CCC), we seek to unfold the potential of writers who strive to crystalize their views—creative, political, religious, or spiritual—in order to articulate them to wider audiences. Superior writing is the result of distilled ideas produced in minds infused with the spirit of excellence. For Aristotle, the Greek word arete signified moral excellence. CCC is founded upon this ideal. Excellence is virtue. Virtuous writing is our goal.


We offer a range of services for writers and those in need of professional writing assistance. Whether you need a detailed critique, personal coaching, or a writer to see your project through, we are here to help you achieve excellence in all of your writing needs.


Our creative writing workshops are designed to unfold your inherent creativity onto the page so it can be delivered to the reader. We offer a range of workshops  which use both peer and instructor critique to help you produce and refine publishable material over a ten-week course.


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